Top 10 Reasons Art Students Choose PrattMWP – Pratt’s Utica, NY Campus

Art students from all over the world choose to start their Pratt B.F.A. degree at Pratt’s upstate NY campus, PrattMWP. Students who select this route complete the first two years of their program on the Utica campus and are then guaranteed a seamless relocation to Pratt’s main Brooklyn campus at the beginning of their junior year. PrattMWP students achieve the same, highly ranked degree as students who attend Pratt Brooklyn for four years – but PrattMWP students gain an edge afforded by the many benefits of the upstate campus.

The top 10 reasons art students choose to start their art education at PrattMWP are:

  1. Desire to study on a focused, serious art campus. At PrattMWP, our students spend their time in the studios, in class, at special arts programming, at Arts Institute events, and at community arts classes. While the surrounding city is certainly to be explored, the focus at PrattMWP is always on the arts and on-campus enrichment.
  2. Faculty-student ratio. Our low 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio means students work closely with full-time faculty – not grad students, adjuncts, or part-time instructors.
  3. Access to world-renowned arts institute. PrattMWP shares its campus with the Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute, which offers collections, exhibits, classes, and events that attract artists and art enthusiasts from around the globe.
  4. Significant cost savings. PrattMWP tuition is just $28,630 per year – much less than the main campus tuition of $44,580. For a fraction of the cost, PrattMWP students enjoy the benefits of the Pratt curriculum and reputation.
  5. Gain confidence. Low faculty-student ratios, an intimate campus, and a smaller student body means people on campus will know who you are. You’ll benefit from loads of direct feedback on your work – and never feel lost in a sea of student artists.
  6. A dual experience. To develop strong insights and sensibilities, artists need to have as many unique experiences as possible. PrattMWP students spend time immersed in two very different cultures: the extremely diverse, historic city of Utica and the bustling metropolitan NYC art scene.
  7. Generous financial aid. 96% of our students receive some form of financial aid, and 82% receive merit scholarships.
  8. Rare opportunities to show art. Students have unique opportunities to show their art work in our esteemed, professional galleries for established, captive audiences.
  9. Convenience. A small campus in a small city saves students time and makes it easy to get around. The upstate campus is also often easier for families to visit.
  10. Exceptional location. Utica, NY is a unique city with diverse people, food, events, and culture. A stone’s throw from Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and the Adirondack Park and mountain range, a world of amazing experiences is always nearby. The city’s proximity to numerous other colleges and universities also offers students access to many opportunities. Plus, NYC is just a short drive away.