Earn a Fine Arts Degree from one of New York’s Top Fine Arts Schools

What is fine arts? Since the Renaissance, the fine arts have been understood as an intellectual discipline equal to literature. Fine art disciplines like painting, sculpture, photography, and printmaking have certainly played a major role in the formation of contemporary visual imagination.  

At PrattMWP, the relationship between art and design is fluid and symbiotic. As a fine arts college, we believe immersion in a milieu rich in both traditions is the best training for a fine artist. Pratt is ranked as one of the top fine art schools because of our heralded curriculum, faculty, and programs. At PrattMWP, students benefit from a rare 10:1 student-to-faculty ratio that ensures they receive close attention from top faculty – which they might not acquire at other fine arts schools.

B.F.A. in Fine Arts

Students in fine arts courses learn through studio work, group discussion, lectures, seminars, individual consultations, and frequent visits to museums, fine art galleries, and artists' studios. In the senior year, students are expected to create a consistent body of work which culminates in an exhibition. Upon entering the junior year, students declare to major or concentrate in one of the following areas:

Students entering their junior years have the additional option of Elective Concentrations for Alternative Careers. The following concentrations are career-oriented options open to fine arts students: fine arts/computer graphics, fine arts/film-video, fine arts/photography, fine arts/art education, and fine arts/illustration. These professional programs in fine arts also offer opportunities to gain additional knowledge and skills that students will apply when pursuing their art career goals.

Fine arts students complete the following fine arts courses while completing the first two years of their Pratt B.F.A. on the Utica campus at PrattMWP:

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