A Strong Liberal Arts Program, Stronger Artists

A liberal arts background greatly benefits art school students, as it allows them to build deeper understandings of and insights into the world and societies around them – and to communicate those ideas. This is why nearly all of the top art schools in America provide thorough liberal arts coursework in addition to art classes. The highly regarded Pratt art curriculum includes outstanding liberal arts instruction that is created to engage students in our design and fine arts programs.

Art institute classes in social sciences, humanities, philosophy, and English help students enhance their written communication skills, gain exposure to the literary arts, and acquire a better understanding of humanity. Societal and family issues, philosophical and aesthetic concepts, and composition and writing skills are all developed. Many of our past students who have gone on to highly successful art careers tell us this liberal arts component still brings value to their work. Liberal arts studies also provide students with the security of knowing their coursework can be applied at another institution, should they decide not to pursue a career in art for any reason.

PrattMWP Liberal Arts Courses include:

ENGL 101 – Introduction to Literary & Critical Studies I
ENGL-103 – Introduction to Literary & Critical Studies II
ENGL-210 – Fiction
ENGL-400 – Creative Writing
HUM-355 – The Literature of Popular Culture
HUM-357 – Sex/Gender Roles in Literature
HUM-435 – Myth into Film
PHIL-200 – Basic Philosophy: Problems and Issues
PHIL-265 – Aesthetics
SS-200 – Introductory Sociology
SS-203 – The Family
SS-209 – Anthropology
SS-210 – General Psychology
SS-355 – Mass Media and Society
SS-357 – Psychology of Gender and Sex Roles
SS-359 – Psychology Through Film
SS-391 – Child and Adolescent Development

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