Getting Involved: PrattMWP Art Students Enhance Their Education and Gain New Perspective Through Extra-Curricular Involvement

The Student Activities and Leadership Office encourages student participation in social, cultural, educational, and recreational programs. Student activities at PrattMWP are planned by students in conjunction with the Student Activities & Leadership Coordinator. In addition to school-sponsored activities, Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute hosts numerous public and private events in which students are encouraged to participate in.

Through engagement outside of the classroom, the Student Activities and Leadership Office aims to:

  • Provide extracurricular opportunities which will add value to the entire college experience.
  • Provide each student educational and artistic opportunities outside of the classroom and studio, as well as the opportunities available off campus.
  • Empower each student to become fully responsible for his/her own intellectual, artistic, professional, and social development.
  • Prepare each student for the transition to the next phase of his/her college education.

Student Life

Student life at PrattMWP is one of the top reasons to apply. Our students are able to begin their art education on an intimate campus that builds their confidence and offers rare opportunities to show their art and work closely with full-time faculty.

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