Beth Post

Beth Post

Assistant Professor of Illustration

What courses do you teach?
Illustration, Materials and Techniques, Light Color & Design

Describe some career highlights.
Research Grant for the Improvement of Teaching and Learning, “Edith Wharton’s: The Quicksand,” Harper’s Magazine Online, Summer 2010, Self-published children's book, Cautious Meets Greg

What is your educational background?

BFA in Painting, University of Central Arkansas
MFA in Illustration, Savannah College of Art and Design

Do you have a professional website or online portfolio you’d like us to link to? If so, what is the URL?

Is there anything else on the internet you would like us to link to? For instance, reviews of your work, articles about you, collection write-ups, museum or gallery pages, etc.

In two sentences or less, describe your teaching philosophy.
Students are most engaged when an instructor shares an enthusiasm for the subject matter. This enthusiasm begins with a solid understanding and passion for the art of illustration, it’s enriched by continuous learning and practice inside and out of the classroom, and it carries weight because I am invested in student success.

In two sentences or less, write a condensed version of your artist’s statement.
I think of art like an ongoing visual conversation. I am not trying to shock or say something outrageous, rather I am listening to what's been said, I'm responding, and I'm adding my own take.

Why do you think art is important?
All of the arts ultimately engage people to offer a reflection of themselves and their social context. It can provide a connection. It can be challenging, healing, hurtful, helpful, humorous, and it can be a playground for the senses. From an educational standpoint, we are molding creative problem solvers. The act of making art encourages the artist to think and see in a new and personal way.

What inspires you as an artist?
I am inspired by other artists, great stories, and songs. Inspiration favors the hand that's working, so often I get an idea while doodling or working on a sketchbook.

List 3 adjectives that describe your current work.
Playful, curvilinear, intricate

What do you think is special about PrattMWP? (OR) Why do you like being a part of the PrattMWP Community?
The Pratt MWP community is concentrated on providing a strong foundation for students. The foundation is filled with so many different options, and it's an excellent springboard for their future pursuits.

What kind of students to you like to work with? What qualities do they possess?
I like working with students who enjoy drawing and doodling and are eager to put the best of themselves into everything that they do.