Chris Cirillo

Assistant Professor of LCD and Drawing

What is your name?
Christopher Cirillo Jr.

What courses do you teach?

  • For the PrattMWP program I teach General / Figure Drawing and Light, Color and Design
  • For the Community Art Education program I teach Multi-level Painting (oil and acrylic)

What is your educational background?

  • B.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
  • M.F.A. from The Art Institute of Boston
  • And an Alumni of Munson Williams Proctor!

Describe some career highlights?
Lisa de Kooning owned one of my paintings and I was lucky enough to get some feedback about it from her.

List your collections.
My work is in several private collections around the United States. To long to list. Some of the highlights include the personal collection of Mark and Barb Golden of Golden acrylic fame, Lisa de Kooning’s private collection, and the private collection of Marcia and Mark Elias. 
List any ‘selected exhibitions’ you’d like mentioned.

  • Hamilton Center for the Arts; Hamilton, New York “My insides Have insides” Selected Large Interiors
  • Fine Arts Gallery at Moberly Community College; Moberly, Missouri ”Abstraction Observed
  • Spare Parts Gallery, University of Missouri; Colombia, Missouri ”Garage Art

Do you have a professional website or online portfolio you’d like us to link to? If so, what is the URL?
Not currently.  I had one for nearly ten years but maintaining it was taking precious studio time.  A new one is technically in the works though.
Is there anything else on the internet you would like us to link to? For instance, reviews of your work, articles about you, collection write-ups, museum or gallery pages, etc.

In two sentences or less, describe your teaching philosophy.
I teach with the goal of expanding my student’s visual perceptions and sensitivity, while conveying complex concepts about how an image can be built.  I focus less on technique and concentrate more energy into the nuts and bolts of what makes artwork.

In two sentences or less, write a condensed version of your artist’s statement.
My current works are fairly diverse from an aesthetic standpoint, they tackle several different subjects and approaches from abstraction of the figure to interiors to landscape and even allegorical works…  The pieces often explore the thought of two poles meeting… juxtapositions of interior and exterior or flatness and space, or even subjects of time that represent the moment in-between events.  The common thread seems to be a vested interest in preserving the mystery.

Why do you think art is important?
It is a mode of expression for both the individual making it as well as for the greater culture that the artist comes from.  It can change lives for the better, offering a unique way to share feelings, ideas and experiences.  At its best it offers hope in a challenging world.

What inspires you as an artist?
Nature and the work of other artists.

List 3 adjectives that describe your current work.
Mythological, Dark, and Exhausting

What do you think is special about PrattMWP? (OR) Why do you like being a part of the PrattMWP Community?
The small class sizes and sense of community between everyone that you can’t get at a larger school

What kind of students do you like to work with? What qualities do they possess?
Students who are naturally curious about how things work and who are interested in making artwork!