Daniel Buckingham

Professor Sculpture and 3-D Design

What is your name?
Daniel Buckingham.

What courses do you teach?
I teach 3-Dimensional Design, Sophomore Sculpture, Sophomore Seminar.

What is your educational background?
My education begins with my parents, who encouraged all of their children to follow our meaningful dreams. Tulane University, BFA-Alfred University, MFA-Alfred University.

Describe some career highlights?
I traveled solo for 8 years to 60 countries by bicycle, exploring many diverse cultures. This extensive and enriching journey has become a major resource for my visual expression and my understanding of the human condition.

List your collections.
Commissioned Public Sculpture for The Park of Women and Children in Quito, Ecuador, South America. Private Collections in Switzerland, the United States, Australia. Museum of Art, MWPAI. Museum of Luminous Phenomena. Penland School, Penland, NC.

List any ‘selected exhibitions’ you’d like mentioned.

  • “Light Exhibition”, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI.
  • “The Object and Beyond”, Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY.
  • “Contemporary Glass By Mid Atlantic Artists”, Museum of American Glass, Millville, NJ.
  • “PARALLEL Projects”, New York Design Center, NYC.
  • “Sculpture Exhibition”, James Mitchner Museum, Doylestown, PA.
  • “Defining the Edge”, Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, PA.
  •  “National Light Exhibition”, Museum of Glass, Corning, NY.
  • Arnot Art Museum, Elmira, NY.
  •  “Standing in the Dark”, Stone Quarry Hill Art Park, Cazenovia, NY.
  • “Made In New York”, Schweinfurth Memorial Art Center, Auburn, NY.

Do you have a professional website or online portfolio you’d like us to link to? If so, what is the URL?

Is there anything else on the internet you would like us to link to? For instance, reviews of your work, articles about you, collection write-ups, museum or gallery pages, etc.
I have been a Board Member @ Sculpture Space Inc. since 2000. http://www.sculpturespace.org/

In two sentences or less, describe your teaching philosophy.
A Fine Art Foundation is a transforming experience, one that will enable you to become a Self-Reliant-Problem-Solver. Possessing traditional and technical hand skills will enable you to construct and define the 21st Century. Read books every day. Smile!

In two sentences or less, write a condensed version of your artist’s statement.
I am interested in cultural exchange and the history of the Silk-Road. My work functions as a structure for social interaction, offers a place to meet others from our community, to discuss current events, play, and perhaps a place to fall in love. 

Why do you think art is important?
Art is the Primary Vehicle to trace our complex history as Human Beings. Artifacts have been carbon-dated to 2 million years old. I encourage everyone to view Werner Herzog’s “Cave of Forgotten Dreams”. This documentary film clearly defines how important visual narrative, allegory, archetype and metaphor have been to our survival and understanding of who we are. Art asks difficult questions as it supports ideas, issues and celebrates our ability to take risk!

What inspires you as an artist?
My wife, artist Tina Betz and our two children whom I share a Studio with, my travels, reading history, collecting rocks, every aspect of light, the universe!

List 3 adjectives that describe your current work.
Luminous, interactive, conglomerate.

What do you think is special about PrattMWP? (OR) Why do you like being a part of the PrattMWP Community?
In the Spring semester I take my Sophomore Sculpture students on a “Quest-for-Light” adventure. This 6 day trip involves exhibiting our Light Sculptures at other Universities, Galleries, etc. We visit many museums that inspire research for future ideas. I also include some industrial tours, like Airstream, Good-Year Airship and antique stores. Our goal is to interface with professional venues that inspire confidence and insight.

What kind of students to you like to work with? What qualities do they possess?
Have your 5 senses open and receptive to all meaningful information. Prioritize a clear work ethic. Invest in and share with other students. Take risks, smile and do research.