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Donna Moran

Dean of the
School of Art & Design





I am proud to be the new Dean of the PrattMWP School of Art & Design. My affiliation with the school extends back to 2000 with the development of the programs joining Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute School of Art with Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

The benefit to PrattMWP students is two-fold: they seamlessly relocate to Brooklyn for their junior and senior years after having experienced an exceptional two-year teaching and learning experience. They subsequently have a clear path to a BFA degree at a world recognized art and design school. The benefit to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn is that they receive well trained and enthusiastic students in their junior year of study, who add to the collective dialog and experience of the school. As the former Chair of Fine Arts at Pratt Brooklyn and a faculty member, I can speak knowingly about the respect that PrattMWP students have from their professors and their Brooklyn peers.

The faculty and staff at both locations are dedicated and do everything they can to teach and encourage their students to explore both skills and ideas in order to produce their best possible work. In PrattMWP’s small setting, faculty and students get to know each other and teaching can be specialized according to the talents and needs of the individual student. When students finish their two years in Utica, they relocate to Brooklyn and graduate prepared to go into the art and design worlds with the best preparation possible. At PrattMWP we plan on expanding our student population and provide a teaching environment that enables our students to become leaders in their chosen fields.   We expect that our students will invent ways of delivering information that is unimaginable to us at this time.

The Community Arts Education (CAE) program is well known in the greater Utica area. Many of the PrattMWP faculty also teach in this program, along with talented local artist/educators. The CAE serves students from four years old to 80+, many who continue to take classes year after year.  The CAE also administers our Artist in Residency program with two to four artists housed on campus, giving our underclassmen the opportunity to interact with practicing professionals.

It is an exciting time to be involved in the arts and design fields and an exciting time to be in Utica. Culturally there is a lot going on here, from the well regarded concerts, films and events presented by the Munson Williams Proctor Art Museum to Sculpture Space and the many artists residency’s in the area. I hope that you have a chance to visit PrattMWP and the Munson Williams Proctor Museum and please stop by and say hello if you are in the area.