Ken Marchione

Chair of Academic Affairs and Professor

It has been my pleasure for the past thirteen years to take part in fulfilling the mission of PrattMWP in creating a pathway for aspiring artists to pursue a career and lifetime in the arts. I started as the affiliation with Pratt Institute was initiated and in that time have taken great pride in the achievements of our students who have seamlessly continued on at the Brooklyn campus to earn their BFA. The school and its dedicated staff and faculty has not deviated in its priority to stay true to its intimate scale in which each student a priority as an artist, an individual, a future colleague and participant in the PrattMWP community. Being part of the Pratt Institute, we also have the confidence that after our students leave are campus they are guaranteed to finish out their art education at the highest level at the Brooklyn campus.

I am also excited with many of the new developments and programs created on campus this year, such as our Artist in Residency program, new freshmen 3D studios, and our new website. The Artist in Residency program currently has an artist housed on campus and giving our underclassmen the opportunity to work with and learn from a practicing professional. The new studios enable us to consolidate our foundation 3D and sculpture classes into the same building providing incredible facilities and resources to our students. The new website gives state of the art access to all the educational opportunities and events occurring on our campus, with our students, and alumni.

Looking forward we anticipate expanding the number of students we have on campus and the services and possibilities we provide for them. As our culture becomes ever more dependent on visual information in every aspect of our lives, the potential outlets for the visual artist and designer to is becoming ever more prevalent. The next generation of artists will invent how our rapidly changing environment is presented and understood. It is an exciting time in the arts and to be part of PrattMWP’s role in the education of tomorrow’s artists, and looking forward to what our students will achieve.

Ken Marchione
Chair of Academic Affairs, Professor