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Sandra Hope Stephens

Assistant Professor 4D Time & Motion Arts

What is your name?
Sandra Stephens

What courses do you teach?
FDC-180 (4-Dimensional Design I), FDC 181 (4-Dimensional Design II)

What is your educational background?
BFA – SUNY Stony Brook
MFA – SVA (School of Visual Arts)

Describe some career highlights?
Assistant Professor of Time Arts and Gallery Director at PrattMWP.  Also taught at Hunter College, S.V.A and F.I.T. in NYC and Hamilton College in Clinton, N.Y.

List any ‘selected exhibitions’ you’d like mentioned.
Has exhibited internationally and nationally at the Everson Museum of Art in Syracuse, NY, the Munson-Williams-Proctor-Arts-Institute in Utica, New York, ArtRage in Syracuse, NY, Sylvia Wald Po Kim Gallery, NYC, Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Triennale di Milano in Milan, Centre de Cultura Contemporania in Barcelona, Atelier-Haus/Galerie ZeitZone in Berlin and Arts Chiyoda in Sotokanda Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo. 

Do you have a professional website or online portfolio you’d like us to link to? If so, what is the URL?

Is there anything else on the internet you would like us to link to? For instance, reviews of your work, articles about you, collection write-ups, museum or gallery pages, etc.

In two sentences or less, describe your teaching philosophy.
To provide an environment for students to explore, experiment with but at the same time think critically about the technologies around us and how they affect who we are and how we view ourselves and others. Promoting cross-cultural awareness and appreciation of different artworks and practices is another interest.

In two sentences or less, write a condensed version of your artist’s statement.
I have been interested in how we construct our identities through a dialogue between the self and the outside world.  My recent work uses video installations to create a visual space and language that will disrupt viewers’ sense of the ‘other’ and create connections between the self and the other.

Why do you think art is important?
Because it can both move us and make us think deeply.

What inspires you as an artist?
theory, the body, identity, culture

List 3 adjectives that describe your current work.
relative, dynamic, provocative

What do you think is special about PrattMWP? (OR) Why do you like being a part of the PrattMWP Community?
It is a small arts community with a good network of peer support.  Although the work is challenging there is not unhealthy competition, like in some larger University settings.  I also like our connection to Pratt Brooklyn because it gives students the best of both worlds.  The first two years here provides students a quieter environment for them to develop their creative voices and the last two years at Pratt Brooklyn provide the excitement, stimulation and contact with the art and design worlds of NYC.

What kind of students to you like to work with? What qualities do they possess?
Those that want to think and be challenged and that are open to different approaches and ideas.