Stephen Arnison

Professor Painting and Drawing

What is your name?
Stephen Arnison

What courses do you teach?
Freshman Drawing , Sophomore Drawing, and Sophomore Painting

What is your educational background?
MFA Drawing and Painting, University of Nebraska Lincoln, 1991
BFA Drawing and Painting, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1979

Describe some career highlights?
Working with incredible students and faculty

List your collections.
Munson Williams Proctor Museum of Art, Utica, NY
Doane College, Crete, Nebraska
Nebraska Wesleyan University, Lincoln, Nebraska

List any ‘selected exhibitions’ you’d like mentioned.
2010 Stanley Center for the Arts, Utica, NY,  Three Person Exhibition.
2010 Kirkland Art Center, Clinton, NY , KAC 50 Years of Art.

In two sentences or less, describe your teaching philosophy.
It is my hope to challenge the serious student and, at least surprise the not so serious. Most of all, I want to develop an atmosphere in which those students can better express their ideas, explore new ideas, and remain open to learn from the ideas of others.

In two sentences or less, write a condensed version of your artist’s statement
I believe that the continual discovery of one’s own voice in the world of visual language is what broadens the experiencing of life itself. The limitless exploration of one’s own expression is a lifelong journey which necessitates honing the skills in the ways of seeing.

Why do you think art is important?
It is much more than important. It is essential. It’s life changing. It’s magical.  Paul Klee said, “Art does not reproduce the visible, rather, it makes visible.

What inspires you as an artist?
What inspires me is the celebration in the poetry of the, seemingly, mundane.