PrattMWP Art Education Students: Learning to Teach, Inspire, and Innovate

Teaching fine arts and design is a creative process that requires more than a knowledge of art.

art design education 9406323167 oArt teachers need an academic background in fine arts and education – but effective educators must also have the rare ability to communicate visual ideas, to facilitate creative growth, and to engender a strong desire for learning in their students. These are the qualities necessary to prepare artists for the professional challenges they will face. And these are qualities that aspiring art teachers will develop at PrattMWP.

Art education is an exciting field because teachers have the opportunity to inspire the great artists of tomorrow by nurturing their skills, encouraging their efforts, and exposing them to the right works. Teaching fine arts requires insight, talent, and humanity. It is an art in itself.

Students at PrattMWP prepare for their Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a major in Art and Design Education by completing the foundation art courses in their freshman year, then developing both their visual art skills and ability communicate those visual ideas to others. PrattMWP students complete their own fine art education as they work to achieve their art education teaching degree.

Students who major in Art and Design Education may then go on to earn a New York State Initial Certification in Teaching Fine Arts in grades Pre-K through 12.

B.F.A. in Art & Design Education
In Art and Design Education, students develop their skills through intensive studio preparation in foundation art, and through courses such as drawing, painting, three-dimensional design; light, color and design, printmaking, photography, sculpture, including ceramics and jewelrymaking, and four-dimensional design. In their sophomore year, students are introduced to courses and fieldwork in which personal connections between studio, education theory and classroom practice can be made. By learning how to articulate and communicate visual ideas to others, they gain insight into their own art.

[6] Visualization/Representation I & II (FDC 140 & FDC 141)
[3] Space, Form, Process (FDC 150)
[6] Light, Color and Design I & II (FDC 160 & FDC 161)
[3] Time and Movement (FDC 180)
[6] Themes in Art and Culture I & II (HA 111 & HA 112)
[6] Intro. to Literary and Critical Studies I & II (HMS101A & HMS103A)

[30] Total Credits

[12] Studio Core
[3] From Studio to Classroom (ADE 200)
[3] Youth in the City (ADE 201)
[3] Child and Adolescent Development (SS 391)
[3] Art History Elective
[3] Social Science Elective
[3] Liberal Arts Elective

[30] Total Credits

The junior, senior and, in some cases, fifth years will be taken at the Pratt campus in Brooklyn.

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PrattMWP boasts one of the greatest academic art programs and learning environments in the northeast.

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Freshman Foundation

Drawing, 3-D Design, 4-D Design, Light/Color/Design, Liberal Arts

Students spend the first
two years of their Pratt art degree working closely with full-time faculty in a serious, focused art environment.

Fine Arts

Drawing, Jewelry, Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture and Integrated Practices

PrattMWP students
show their work in our professional galleries to established, captive audiences.

Liberal Arts

Communications Design

Branding and Art Direction​, Graphic Design, Illustration

Prepare for a Bright Design Career at the Highly Ranked
Pratt Visual Communications Design Program.


If your goal is to earn a photography degree from a top New York photography school, PrattMWP is an outstanding option.

Art & Design Education

Art Teacher Certification Program

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Beyond college education and studio time, PrattMWP students have even more opportunities to delve into their artistic passions through the Munson-Williams-Proctor
School of Art.

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