Four-Week College Credit Level Program

Four-Week College Credit Level Program
July 9 through August 3, 2018

Required Courses

Modeled after Pratt Institute’s first-year foundation program and taught by professional artists and designers, the course will expand your visual thinking, strengthen your portfolio and provide a basis for further study.

Art History:
This course will use the extraordinary resources of the internationally prominent Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art and the culturally rich Mohawk Valley to build a solid foundation in Art History. The course also serves as a complement to studio classes, helping students find meaningful connections between art history and the development of their own work.

Portfolio Development:
Your portfolio is a vital component of your college application to an art and design school or university with an art program. It is also often a factor in determining merit scholarships. Students will develop a body of work and learn what to include in their portfolio as well as gain experience in discussing the work produced.

Elective Courses
(Students will be placed in one of the following electives based on their preference as indicated on the registration form).

Graphic Design:
Learn the basic skills necessary to design professional publications, and develop an understanding of the computer software used by professionals in graphic and advertising design.

Learn to create compelling images that communicate a narrative. Through life studies in drawing and painting, students develop technical and artistic skills for use in the commercial art world.

Painting and Drawing:
Learn basic concepts of painting and drawing, with an emphasis on working from life.

Capture life in the moment. Study 35mm operations, lighting techniques and dark room procedures to achieve a broad-based knowledge of black and white photography. Learn exposing and developing film, making contact prints, and enlarging and finishing photographs. Digital and color will be introduced.

Express fine art in three dimensions. Learn to create three-dimensional art in this in-depth examination of the variety of materials and processes used in sculpture.


Tuition and Fees

Tuition $1,800

Student Activities Fee $100

Housing $900

Meal Plan $665

Health Service Fee $25

Total $3,490


Supplies and Materials:
Students will be provided with a Pre-College Art Kit for their Foundation, Art History and Portfolio Development courses.
(Students will only be required to purchase supplies and materials for their chosen elective.)

Health Insurance
All students will be required to show proof of health insurance coverage.

Registration forms for the Four-Week College Credit Level Program

Registration forms will be accepted through May 16, 2018.
For more information contact (800) 755-8920 or email.


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Freshman Foundation

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PrattMWP students
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Communications Design

Branding and Art Direction​, Graphic Design, Illustration

Prepare for a Bright Design Career at the Highly Ranked
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If your goal is to earn a photography degree from a top New York photography school, PrattMWP is an outstanding option.

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