Easton Pribble Visiting Artist Lecture Series Spring Semester 2018 - Pneuhaus

Sinnott Family - Bank of Utica Auditorium
Easton Pribble Lecture Series
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Free to the Public

Matt Muller, Augie Lehrecke & Levi Bedall.

Pneuhaus Large 20

Pneuhaus is a Design Collective working within the fields of spatial design, temporary structures and contemporary art to create large scale immersive environments that relate to human scale. As architects, designers and artists, Pneuhaus weavesa discourse around the built environment. Pneuhaus is Levi Bedall, Augie Lehrecke & Matt Muller.

The Compound Camera is a 20ft inflatable installation composed of 109 pinhole cameras, each projecting a slightly different angle of the surrounding environment onto its interior surface. The structure’s flexible fabric allows people to push and distort the projected images, playing with the fundamental properties of light, optics, and vision in a tangible way. As we continue to challenge our perceptions with digital tools, the Compound Camera offers a more analogue perspective on how our surroundings can change the way we perceive the world. This structure will be inflated in Palmer Park Quad on the campus of Pratt MWP from 1- 4 p.m.

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