Excavation, Illusion + Artifact: Alexis Granwell, Lauren Pakradooni and Rob Swainston Exhibition

PrattMWP Gallery in the Museum of Art
PrattMWP Gallery
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Curated By Serena Perrone

Opening Reception: October 13 from 5-7pm

Free + Open to the Public

 10 13 through11 10 2017 SA Gallery Excavation Illusion Artifact Exhibition Crop

Excavation, Illusion + Artifact // Exhibition Statement

The three artists in this show are considering the shifting roles of the printmaking medium and the way printmakings physical and formal strengths can be employed to reveal new perspectives, phenomenon and paradoxes in the natural and built environments and the social and psychological illusions of reality that result.

Each are concerned with contradictions of form, texture and illusionistic depictions of volume and dimensionality. In varying ways, the works they are presenting in this exhibition regard ruins as spaces for examining the effects of time on material; questions the inherent nostalgia involved with representations (real or invented) of remnants of the past; and revels in our fascination with the act of uncovering.

Alexis Granwell depicts time’s movement as “ruination, artifact or geological process…exploring relationships within collections of forms.” Rejecting the notion of ruin as nostalgia, Granwell references “architecture and natural forms to diagram incompleteness or fractured time. This suggests the unearthing of the past and the imperfect state of memory but also openness to the future.”

Lauren Pakradooni makes connections between her current practice and historical Capriccio subjects in printmaking, which she describes as: “imaginative architectural spaces that often including structures in ruin or the process of deterioration. Historically, this was popular subject matter and the dispersion of these prints became a way to present these fantasies as history, inserting them into the landscape of our collective memory…It is in the spirit of these imaginative spaces that I have created a series of sculptures and prints that explore the variations between virtual or disrupted physical realities.”

Rob Swainston believes that, for the printmaker, “…the press bed is not a window of illusion, it is the space of social tinkering.” He invites the viewer to participate in an “‘archaeology of uncovering’, discerning numerous processes and images containing multiplicities of narratives culminating in an uncovering of the ‘significant image’ and the realization that ‘I see myself seeing myself.’”

PrattMWP Gallery is located in Munson-Williams-Proctor Arts Institute Museum of Art at 310 Genesee St. Utica, NY.

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