PrattMWP Student Designs included in Worldwide Poster Exhibition

Finalists 700pixels

Posters designed by PrattMWP students Kylie Dimick (honorable mention) and Ryan Neil (finalist) are scheduled to travel around the world. The poster exhibition titled Identity in Crisis is to be showcased in Macedonia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Greece, and the USA.  The competition brief was introduced in the Visual Communications course taught by PrattMWP Professor Cindy Buckley Koren.
The International Student Poster Competition was founded in 2007. It covers social topics initiated and organized by PLAKART – NGO for Graphic Design, Film & Multimedia from Macedonia in cooperation with Warsaw Poster Biennale and Czech Association of Graphic Designers. ISPC was initially organized in Skopje, Macedonia, as the first important regional student poster competition that offers an international promotion of ideas and visual communications, with strong accent on global issues.  

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