Graphic Design USA Magazine Honors Two PrattMWP Students

HyoJoong March Bulletin 300 x 200

It’s no small honor to be a current underclassmen and already be recognized in a national magazine.

PrattMWP sophomores Hyojung Kim and Mark Pei were recently honored by Graphic Design USA magazine as “Students to Watch in 2018.” Professor of Communications Design Cindy Buckley Koren, who nominated the students, said the magazine lists PrattMWP as one of the nation’s top 44 design schools.

Hyojung Kim was born and spent most of her formative years in South Korea and moved to the United States with her family in 2008. She is a Maryland resident who spends her time searching for cafes, bars, and vintage shops. Hyojung cultivated an interest in fashion at a young age, but fell in love with graphic design while attending PrattMWP. Hyojung aspires to be a designer who can act as a medium for her clients and bring their dreams to life. She has always dreamed of a big-city lifestyle, and plans to work in New York City after she graduates from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.

Mark Pei knew he wanted to study design since high school when he founded a student magazine devoted to international studies. With a concentration in graphic design at PrattMWP, he is working on a vast range of design projects, both personal and community-focused. Mark has experience designing logos, posters, illustrations, and product branding. His current project,, focuses on collaborating with local artists. He is excited to continue learning more about the design industry and exploring more into his practice.

Mark Pei March Bulletin 300 x 450

Offline, Mark attempts to experience as much variety of art as possible. He enjoys traveling with his family and friends, painting, photography, playing traditional instruments, and getting inspiration from nature and his native Chinese culture. He believes design is the translation from nature to technology, and he enjoys seeing audiences react to his designs. He dreams to be a graphic designer who can combine the variety of digital work with the simplicity of the real world.

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