The Sophomore Sculpture Class 2019


The sophomore sculpture class has produced a group project that has been installed in Palmer Park.

We trust you will enjoy this visual gift that welcomes spring to our campus. The sculpture has two 10' tall, 2' wide cylinders, made from wood panels that have a figure-ground design. The piece is best viewed at night as there are LED lights in the structure. The forms are supported by a section of a geodesic dome made from wood.

Please do not climb on the sculpture, it is a gift to the students and our unique campus in Utica!

Please take as many photos as you like and share them on social media.

If you see the sculpture students around campus, they can fill you in on how they constructed the project.

Please thank Colette Bernard, Carolina de Pontes, Claus Dicovskiy, Becky Johnson, Diana Kichuk, Natalie Van Oyen, and our stellar technician, Erik Nilson.

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