PrattMWP’s Commitment to Accessibility

Diversity is key for a thriving community of artists. If you have a physical or learning disability, we want to offer you the resources you need to succeed.

Students who have a documented disability are encouraged to seek the assistance of our Student Life Director immediately upon arrival at PrattMWP. Please send any documents to the Student Life Director who can be contacted at (315) 797-0000 ext. 2183.

In college, students must become "self-advocates" for learning accommodation services. Therefore, it is critical that you inform the Student Life Director and your faculty of your specific learning accommodations.

The Student Life Director can also assist in having learning disabilities documented. If you believe that you are struggling in class due to an undocumented learning disability, the Student Life Director will connect you with a local agency who can assess your learning style and help develop a plan appropriate to your needs.